From our points of sale you can buy high quality dairy products. Thanks to an awaited selection of milk and the expert experience of the dairy masters, you can bring the freshness and authenticity of our products to your home.


Santeramo in Colle (Ba)

Corso Italia 121 – Tel. 080.2377977 

Via Cassano 6 – Tel. 320.4769288



Via F. Campione 9 – Tel. 327.2196040


Grumo Appula (Ba)

Via V. Rella 153/155 – Tel. 389.4338099


Bitritto (Ba)

Via Garibaldi 7 – Tel. 080.634294


Bitetto (Ba)

Corso Garibaldi, 33/F – Tel. 080.9920029


For information contact us at the numbers indicated above, or fill out the following form


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